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English: day planner/personal organizer ExstoraRussian: day planners/note manager ExstoraSvenska: daglig planerare/noteringar ExstoraFrench: planificateur de taches et gestionnaire de notesGerman: Terminverwaltung, Tagesplaner  
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"Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man..."

Sir Francis Bacon
  • Sep 24 2024 Exstora version 2.8 and 2.8 Pro released.
  • Apr 27 2024 Exstora version 2.7 and 2.7 Pro released.
  • Apr 26 2024 Special Offer:
    20% Discount!
  • Dec 15 2024 Exstora version 2.6 and 2.6 Pro released.
  • Sep 22 2024 Exstora version 2.5 and 2.5 Pro released.
  • Apr 03 2024 Exstora version 2.4 and 2.4 Pro released.
  • Jul 04 2024 Exstora version 2.3 and 2.3 Pro released.
  • Mar 24 2024 Exstora version 2.2 and 2.2 Pro released.
  • Mar 14 2024 Exstora version 2.1 and 2.1 Pro released.
  • Dec 21 2024 Exstora version 2.0 and 2.0 Pro released.
  • Oct 16 2024 Website was translated to German. Thanks to Dennis Alperstedt!
Personal Organizer Software
Planner / Organizer Software

Personal Organizer Software, Day Planner - Exstora

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  • Does this sound familiar? You urgently need to write down something important - a telephone number or details of an important meeting - so you use whatever you can lay your hands on: a piece of paper, a scrap of newspaper or the first computer text file you come across.
    The important note is recorded, and the issue seems to have been resolved. But just when you thought it was OK, you discover the note is needed again only to find that it is buried somewhere under a pile of similar scraps, while the temporary text file has been moved to trash or lost somewhere on the network disk of an unknown server. nätcasino

    To help prevent this situation, we have launched Personal Organizer / Notes Manager software: Exstora Pro and Exstora Freeware, designed to assist you in note taking and organizing your information.
    Built-in quick note: save ideas, contacts, interesting facts
    With Exstora, you can write down a thought that comes to your mind as soon as possible. To create a new note, just double-click next to the corresponding section.
    Personal organizer software: plans for the future, events
    Scheduling events and creating plans for the future has never been easier and more comfortable than with Exstora personal organizer (PIM). Just select a date in the built-in calendar and double-click it to enter the scheduled event or TODO item. Gantt Chart Planner. One-time, long-lasting and repeated events are supported.
    Diary: keep a diary if your life is full of events
    It is really easy to create a diary in Exstora: open the Diary tab and type the interesting things that happened today.
    Portable and compact software: carry your information with you
    Running the program from a flash drive allows you to always have your data at hand, while the optimized code is very compact and the program will not take much space.
    Sort out your thoughts and data
    If you need to quick arrange notes or events, just capture the note or event you need and drag it to the necessary section (notes) or to the necessary date (events). jeux de casino
    Stay in touch
    The built-in RSS/Atom Reader will download the news you are interested in and carefully save them to your personal database.
    Keep your contacts in one place with TODO, Diary, and Events. Import contacts from your mobile phone or Outlook. Exstora supports importing vCard files (.vcf).
    Reporting and communication
    The report manager will allow you to print out (create a hard copy) of your plans, diary or notes, while the built-in feature of importing and exporting iCal files will allow you to synchronize your personal data from the Exstora organizer with most of the popular organizers software. Juegos Tragamonedas
    Day Planner Software
    Program Information Day Planner extora organizer software
    • Version: 2.8
    • Release date: Sep 24, 2024
    • File size: 564 kbytes
    • System requirements:
      Windows 2024-Vista,
      RAM: 64 Mb, HDD: 4Mb


    "Congrats for the sleek, no-nonsense, intelligent and stylish software. It's the most user-friendly I could find in 5 hours of Internet search."

    Franck W.

    "I think your organizer is very well thought out, The layout is very user friendly, and it is very memory efficient."

    Peter S.

    "...I especially admire it's small disk size and interface design."

    Josip M.
    personal organizer software